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Physical Security

Both our sites guard our hosted systems and data against every potential threat or disaster that could compromise the availability and safety of your business-critical data.
The facilities in the data centres are state-of-the-art, nuclear bomb-proof buildings in Kent and Berkshire that previously served as Ministry of Defence and US Air Force command and control centres. Both have benefitted from millions of pounds of additional investment in power and cooling. This delivers an environment for your business data that is resilient and secure.
The data centres have control over security, power, cooling, access and maintenance, and do not allow unescorted access to the data floors.

Virtual Security

  • All transmissions over the Internet to and from your hosted solutions are encrypted. We use SSL encryption – the same as that used for online banking and secure payments.
  • Additional protection is provided by enterprise-grade firewalls on our network, with anti-virus software and intrusion detection on our systems to monitor and block any unauthorised access.
  • Each customer’s data is partitioned in separate storage containers to ensure there is no possibility of unauthorised access.
  • We use randomly generated passwords.
  • The only people with access to your data, outside of your organisation, are our staff with restricted access provided to certain trusted software providers as and when necessary once authorised by the customer.
  • All data stays in the UK.

With your business data never leaving the secure hosted desktop environment, there is no risk of it being stolen on a portable device such as a laptop.
Desktop hosting offers unparalleled data safety and security, which cannot be matched by a normal desktop PC set up.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to your local and remote logins. We use your phone system to provide a unique authentication password to log in.

The authentication process:

  • 1. Enter username and password
  • 2. Choose how to authenticate:
    - One tap authentication - sent directly to your smartphone
    - Generate passcode via the free app - enter on screen
    - Request passcode via SMS - enter code on screen
  • 3. You are logged in!


Where is my data stored?
Your data is stored on our secure servers in Newbury, Berkshire and Ash, Kent. Each of our virtual servers is partitioned so that access can only be gained by authorised users.

Does my data leave the UK?
No, our servers are all located in the UK.

Does HDUK Limited comply with the UK’s Data Protection legislation?
Yes, please visit our GDPR page for more information.

Specific Security Features Include:
Steel reinforced blast proof walls
Military electro magnetic pulse protection
Solid steel doors
Tempest RFI intrusion protection
Sophisticated access controls
Fire suppression system
24-hour video recording
Visual verification of all persons entering the data floor
No unescorted access
Download the Security Fact Sheet
Download the Two Factor Fact Sheet
HDUK and its people

Behind the technology and security that customers have come to know and trust with HDUK, it's our people that make the real difference. We take great pride in offering dedicated IT support for our customers by investing in specialists, that are experts in the tools you use every day. Our team are very important to us and we know that you feel the same way about your employees. It's why we put people at the heart of our business.

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