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Remote Managed IT Services

Remote Managed IT Services allow all your company’s employees to do their job effectively by having 24/7 IT support. In turn, this leaves your own IT team with the capacity to work on profit-generating projects for your business.

Remote Managed Services from HDUK now includes the following features:

  • Additional 10GB Storage – On top of the 10GB of storage already available, each user will now have access to a total of 20GB of storage
  • Snapshot Backup – Rest assured that your systems are insured with Snapshot Backup
  • ESET endpoint protection – Protect your endpoint hardware with ESET endpoint protection, which is incorporated into each Remote Managed IT Services seat

Why Remote Managed Services is an ideal solution for your company

Outsourcing IT services and support to us provides a plethora of benefits to your business. We ensure your organisation keeps running smoothly, whilst staying secure and allowing you to maintain control over costs.

Key Features

  • First Line support for all staff and employees: Providing all end-users with a qualified IT support resource
  • Security: Installation and Management of ESET Security Suite
  • Network printer configuration: Removing the hassle of determining which fault has occurred
  • Network scanners: Setup and configuration for scanning to Hosted Desktops*
  • New user set-up and decommission of users: Removing barriers to get new starters on-boarded whilst securely managing the exit of leavers
  • Administration of User Permissions and authorisations: We will take responsibility for all system administrative changes
  • Measurement of speed or performance by your internet service provider (ISP): Monitoring the internet traffic and quality of service you receive from your ISP
  • 20GB of Storage – Each user has access to 20GB of storage
  • Snapshot Back-up – Rest assured that your systems are insured with Snapshot Back-Up
  • ESET end point protection – Protect your endpoint hardware with ESET endpoint protection, which is incorporated into each Remote Managed IT Services seat

*Where network scanners support SMTP and FTP

Key Benefits

  • Receive expert help in a fast response time
  • Experience increased productivity from staff with 24/7 instant IT support
  • Reduce costs by securing a fixed monthly fee per user for the HDUK experienced team
  • No more surprise one-off unknown costs for IT infrastructure or updates
  • Alleviate pressure on your existing IT team by out-tasking selected services
  • Work with experts who understand all relevant security and data legislation
  • Outsourcing to an experienced team keeps you safe and secure

If you are interested in hearing more about our unique remote managed IT services, please call our team on 020 3239 6181 or email us on

Key Features of Remote Managed Services
Instant support for your teams when they need it.
Putting the user first not the computer
Available from one to unlimited number of users.
Free up existing IT time to spend on other projects.
Fixed pricing so no hidden costs.
UK based technical support team.
HDUK and its people

Behind the technology and security that customers have come to know and trust with HDUK, it's our people that make the real difference. We take great pride in offering dedicated IT support for our customers by investing in specialists, that are experts in the tools you use every day. Our team are very important to us and we know that you feel the same way about your employees. It's why we put people at the heart of our business.

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We are dedicated to providing reliable, secure, industry-leading IT solutions to elevate your business and maximise your potential. Working remotely has never been so important, so join the 7,500 users who already trust HDUK with their hosted services.

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