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Hosted Desktop Charities – we provide hosted desktop solutions for charities and not for profit organisations. We have over 8,000 users using our Hosted Desktop, Hosted Application and Hosted Exchange services. See what some of our clients say.

Here at HDUK, we understand the need for charities and not for profit organisations to keep their administration costs to a minimum in order to make the best use of their income for their charitable work.
We believe that a hosted desktop solution is the perfect fit to satisfy the IT requirements in this type of organisation, it saves on the cost of expensive in-house servers and associated support costs. The use of low cost, low power consumption ‘thin clients’ reduces initial equipment costs and also long term running costs. This will be of particular interest to conservation or ‘green’ organisations but with the ever-increasing cost of energy, it is now an important area for all organisations to look to for cost savings.
A hosted desktop solution can provide savings on software license fees but these savings can be significantly greater in this sector as many of the major software suppliers offer big discounts to not for profit and charitable organisations.
We understand that security of data is a concern for charities and not for profit organisations. Our hosted desktop system is designed to give the highest levels of security. For more information on security click here. We backup your hosted desktop and replicate it hourly to another server which means that if anything were to go wrong, your whole environment can be recovered. This means your software, data and operating system will be recovered without having to re-buy or reinstall anything. See more information on Backup & Replication.
We offer either Microsoft Office Standard or Professional as part of the hosted desktop package. Please contact us for further details.

Hosted Exchange Mailboxes
3 Million
Emails received each day
Different applications installed
Active Hosted Desktop Users
Expert knowledge of accountancy software
Less staff time on IT
Increased staff productivity
Access your desktop anywhere - your office, at clients, at home, on the move
Integrated IT between offices
No more CapEx on servers
Migration done out of hours for minimal disruption
Quickly add new users for any staff changes
Software updates loaded for you
Unlimited number of applications
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