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HDUK systems are kept in 2 of the most secure places in the world. Our Data Centres are state of the art nuclear bomb-proof bunkers
which were designed to protect command and control systems in the event of an attack. Both Data Centres are ISO27001 and PCI DSS compliant.


  • Purpose built armored nuclear
    bomb proof bunkers
  • 3.5m high perimeter fence
  • 3m thick reinforced concrete walls
  • 24/7/365 on-site security (ex-military & police)
  • Solid steel doors
  • MOD trained guard dogs
  • CCTV with 24 hour recording
  • No unescorted access


  • Dual Air Conditioning units N + 1
  • Fire suppression systems
  • CCTV & 24-hour recording
  • Military electro magnetic pulse (EMP) protection
  • Tempest (digital eves dropping)
  • RFI intrusion protection
  • Infrared cameras

Power & Internet

  • Multiple power feeds & UPS conditional power N+1 with diesel generator backup N+1
  • Multiple 10GB fibre providers
  • Carrier neutral facility
  • Multiple Internet Service Providers


  • Multiple Servers, switches & SANs
  • Multiple Firewalls with perimeter scanning: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention System & Content Filtering
  • Complete Backup & Replication of the entire system & services between Bunkers
  • RAID 5/6/10 system on all servers, SANs & NASs with hot spares
  • Clustered servers & services with automatic fail over
HDUK and its people

Behind the technology and security that customers have come to know and trust with HDUK, it's our people that make the real difference. We take great pride in offering dedicated IT support for our customers by investing in specialists, that are experts in the tools you use every day. Our team are very important to us and we know that you feel the same way about your employees. It's why we put people at the heart of our business.

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