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Here at Hosted Desktop UK we specialise in the provision of reliable and secure hosting services for business, including a range of organisations within the manufacturing sector.

In a world where manufacturing businesses face stiff competition for orders from emerging nations there is a real need for companies to ensure that their internal management systems are cost effective and delivering up to date information in a timely fashion wherever it is needed.

A hosted solution offers organisations a practical way of reducing IT costs and work more efficiently. We can host your applications or a complete desktop with the option to include MS Office and Exchange Email, all for a competitive monthly fee, thus saving on the cost of running expensive in-house servers with their associated support costs. The use of low cost low power consumption ‘thin clients’ as local machines to connect to the hosted platform reduces initial/replacement equipment costs and also long term running costs. Remote access to your data means staff can work from anywhere with an internet connection and a suitably enabled device, including laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

As the provision of a hosted desktop is a fixed monthly operating cost this will help organisations with their cash flow, once your ‘virtual server’ is set up new users can be added with minimal notice for a small one off setup fee, likewise they can also be suspended or removed very quickly with no charge, this means you only ever need pay for active users. We also offer a part-time user package where two or more people working different hours can share one desktop or alternatively we can offer a lower monthly fee for the basic desktop for one person working a reduced number of days over the standard working week.

We understand that security of data is a concern for any organisation, here at HDUK we store your data in two of Europe’s most secure data centres employing the highest level of both physical and virtual security. Your data is backed up daily and replicated hourly to our second site. See more information on Backup & Replication. Having your data stored off site ensures business continuity in case of natural disaster, fire, flood, theft, or criminal damage to your own premises. To get more information on security click click here.

We have over 8,000 users using our Hosted Desktop, Hosted Application, and Hosted Exchange services.

3 Million
Emails received each day
Different applications installed
Hosted Exchange Mailboxes
Active Hosted Desktop Users
Less staff time on IT
Increased staff productivity
Access your desktop anywhere - your office, on site, at home, on the move
Integrated IT between offices
No more CapEx on servers
Migration done out of hours for minimal disruption
Quickly add new users for any staff changes
Software updates loaded for you
Unlimited number of applications
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Behind the technology and security that customers have come to know and trust with HDUK, it's our people that make the real difference. We take great pride in offering dedicated IT support for our customers by investing in specialists, that are experts in the tools you use every day. Our team are very important to us and we know that you feel the same way about your employees. It's why we put people at the heart of our business.

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We are dedicated to providing reliable, secure, industry-leading IT solutions to elevate your business and maximise your potential. Working remotely has never been so important, so join the 15,000 users who already trust HDUK with their hosted services.

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