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Hosted desktop does not require processing or data to be transmitted over the Internet. The data remains on our servers in the data centres and all that travels over the Internet are simple screen scrapes, users’ keystrokes and mouse movements. Consequently required Internet connections are often lower than expected. We find that typically a 1Mbps connection per 10-20 users will provide a good level of speed and performance.
Our clients often find that our hosted desktop environment is faster than their old system due to the fact that we use enterprise grade, high performance servers and industry leading Nimble storage arrays.


Can we host all software applications?

  • HDUK Limited can host either one or all of your software applications.
  • As long as the application is legal and has a valid licence to use the application, HDUK Limited can host it for you.

How much extra does it cost for additional software applications?
There is no extra charge for additional applications under our hosted desktop package.

How does HDUK Limited’s email work?
Using our Hosted Exchange system we simply replace your existing mail server with our hosted system, therefore giving the end user the same experience.

Can HDUK Limited supply Microsoft Office?
Yes we can supply either Microsoft Office 2010 Standard or Professional for a monthly fee. Other Microsoft applications such as Project can also be supplied.

Can I use more than one monitor on the hosted desktop?
Yes, it is very easy to set up on Windows machines and our support technicians can assist you with this

Can we use Apple Mac’s with HDUK Limited?
Yes, a small free application is required for your Mac, we can advise how to obtain this application and set it up for you.

Do iPads (and other tablets) work with HDUK Limited?
Yes, with an iPad we recommend a small application from the App Store. Your iPad will be fully operational so that you can access all your software applications and data as well as your emails/calendar via ActiveSync.

Can we connect a smartphone into HDUK Limited to sync calendars and email?
Yes, most smartphones connect without additional charges, please contact us regarding BlackBerry connections.

Can we print from the hosted desktop to a local printer?
Yes, we use a process of printer redirection to allow you to print as normal.

Can we use a scanner from the hosted desktop platform?
Yes it is possible to configure scanners to scan from your local scanner to our hosted desktop.

What happens if we buy a new printer or scanner?
Log a support call with our team and one of our technicians will assist you with the setup.

Can we have data and applications that only certain staff can access?
Yes, we are able to restrict access to certain data and applications.

What is a Thin Client and how is it different to a PC?
A Thin Client is a much smaller and cheaper machine that uses much less power than a normal computer, but because the processing takes place on our server you still get the same level of performance.

Will we save electricity costs moving to HDUK Limited?

  • Yes, we have calculated that there is a saving of approximately £94.00 per annum for each new server saved in your office.
  • By switching a PC to a Thin Client, this saves approximately £60.00 per machine per annum.

Can HDUK Limited supply Microsoft SQL?
Yes, we can supply Microsoft SQL either on a server or per user basis.

Do you use Citrix?
No, we use Microsoft Remote Desktop.

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