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Here at HDUK we regularly speak to prospective clients who are tempted by the many cost and efficiency benefits that can be had by moving their IT into the Cloud but are, quite naturally, concerned about the possible disruption this process might cause in terms of both the physical movement of applications and data and, the likely need to retrain staff in the new method of working.
We are aware of the need to keep clients fully informed at all times during the migration process so, when you sign up to HDUK’s hosted services, we appoint your very own migration manager who will liaise with you to ensure the smooth transfer of your applications and data to our systems. The process in the main happens over the course of one week, with the main transfer of data normally taking place over a weekend to minimize any disruption.
Working in the Cloud on a ‘hosted desktop’ is pretty much identical to working on a standard PC setup. it looks the same and behaves in the same way so little is needed in the way of staff training. There are a few differences, for example the way you log in and how to print commands are routed, but your Migration Manager will help you and your staff with this on your ‘go live’ day.
To read more about the migration process visit our article 5 steps to migration and also take a look at some further case studies and testimonials from our clients.

Migration – FAQs

Will we have to stop work during the migration?

Generally speaking, we take a final incremental backup of your data starting at about 11am on a Friday morning. If the transfer is being made using a portable drive, this allows sufficient time to copy the data and prepare the device for a pre-arranged collection by our courier during the afternoon. They will then deliver the drive to our data centre on Saturday morning. Most companies tend to use the Friday afternoon as an opportunity to catch up on general housekeeping and those other jobs that they have been putting off for ages. If we are able to transfer your data over the internet then this is usually done overnight or over the weekend, minimising any disruption.

What happens on our ‘go live’ day?

We will supply you with details of logins and passwords and will be available to assist you and your staff where necessary to login and check that everything is working as it should be.

Will I be able to access my emails during the migration?

Yes, we will advise you how to access your emails through Outlook Web Access (OWA) and also arrange to have your email domain (MX records) changed to direct your emails to our exchange server. Once this is done you will be able to access your emails through OWA. Your old emails will be imported during the migration process.

What happens to existing folder structures when you move to HDUK Ltd?

We can maintain the same folder structures on your Hosted Desktop system as your current system, ensuring minimal difference when migrating.

How long would we be tied into HDUK Ltd?

We have a rolling three-month contract and require three full calendar months’ notice to leave our service.

If we choose to leave HDUK Ltd. how would we get our data back?

We can courier your data on a suitable backup device to your registered business address in the UK.

What would happen if HDUK went into liquidation?

This is unlikely, as HDUK Limited owns all of its infrastructure and has no debt. Due to the “annuity-style” business model of payment by clients each month, a liquidator would quickly find a purchaser for the business and continue operations.

Managed Migration Features Include:
Fully managed migration
Your own migration manager for single point of contact
Portable data device with encryption provided for data transfer
Courier service arranged for collection and delivery of data device to our data centre
Outlook Web Access provided to view your incoming emails during the migration process
Your old emails imported to our system
Unlimited assistance provided to deal with any issues on your 'go live' day
Download the 5 Steps to migration Fact Sheet
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