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Backup & Replication means that all data is backed up and then replicated (copied) to our secondary data centre once every hour.

Hosted Services backup process

  • We keep the last fourteen days’ snapshot backups as standard or you can upgrade to our Premium Snapshot Backup service which takes a snapshot of your data on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis then retains them to provide rolling recovery points from which we can restore your data.
  • A copy of your flat data files can also be replicated to your premises using our Backup-to-Site service for additional peace of mind.
  • With your business data never leaving the secure hosted desktop environment, there is no risk of it being stolen on a portable device such as a laptop.
  • A hosted desktop offers unparalleled data safety and security, which cannot be matched by a normal desktop PC set up.

Backup & Replication – FAQs

Can we host all software applications?

  • HDUK Limited can host either one or all of your software applications.
  • As long as the application is legal and has a valid licence to use the application, HDUK Limited can host it for you.

How often do we backup your applications and data?

  • We backup your data every 24 hours and keep the last fourteen days backup as standard, this can be increased using our Premium Snapshot Backup service if required.
  • A copy of your data can also be backed up to your premises if required.

Standard Snapshot Backups and their retention period.

Premium Snapshot Backups and their retention period.
What is the replication service offered by HDUK Limited?

  • Our replication takes a complete copy of your applications, data and files and copies them to another server in a different location so that in the event of any disaster we can continue to give you access to your hosted desktop.
  • The replication occurs once every hour.

Specific Backup & Replication Features Include:
Multiple site replication
14 daily Snapshot Backups as standard
Premium Snapshot Backup option available
Backup to site available
Data remains in the UK
Download the Backup & Replication Fact Sheet
Download the Snapshot Backup Fact Sheet
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