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Now more than ever, customers expect businesses to be available. Voice is no longer the default, and to remain competitive, companies need to ensure they have the tools to communicate with their customers. Whether by chat, voice or video, companies can improve engagement by the use of multiple channels to enhance customer service and speed of response.

Put simply, Unified Communications refers to a phone system that integrates multiple communication methods within a business.

Communication has evolved, leaving many organisations with tools from several vendors – such as Microsoft Teams for internal calls, Zoom for conferences and WebEx for webinars.

Often while businesses are utilising different streams of communication, employees are spending time switching between tools or waiting for a response, and businesses are paying for apps that are underutilised. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides an integrated approach that links these channels into a single solution and provides additional collaboration tools, such as document and screen sharing.

Unified Communications open up your business to a world of possibilities by hosting your voice and conferencing in the cloud.

What are the key benefits?

Less wasted time: users can move instantly from one communication channel to another, collaborating with co-workers and improving efficiency and productivity; they don’t have to wait while colleagues switch applications, install software or schedule a conference call

Improved customer service: integration with HDUK telephony means incoming customer enquiries can be routed to the most appropriate employee, who can then check the availability of co-workers and bring them into the discussion or an ad hoc online meeting to rapidly resolve any issues

Agility: the inherent flexibility and scalability of the cloud-based service means adjustments can be made quickly to support changing business requirements

Low and predictable costs: on-net communication channels and inclusive minutes to UK landlines and mobiles are provided for a simple per user per month price

Cost savings: from reduced travel costs, and expenditure savings from not having to subscribe to multiple communications platforms

Reduced IT overhead: administration tasks are made simple through the HDUK administration interface, and users can make day-to-day changes without involving IT support

Common interface: the user interface is similar on all supported mobile devices and desktops, which enhances the user experience, minimises learning and encourages adoption

Would you like to find out more about Unified Communications and how it can revolutionise your business? Call our friendly team today on 01883 582038 or via our online chat on our website.

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