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How do you feel when things don’t work?

Each summer my parents would load up the family car.

We were about to set off for our annual summer holiday.

It was exciting.

My father’s pride and joy. Full of people, clothes and buckets and spades.

The Vauxhall Cavalier stood ready.

It was always immaculate and well-maintained.

It was generally very reliable.

Unfortunately, the reliability disappeared once we were all onboard and ready to go. The key turned and nothing would happen.

The engine made no sound.

This happened almost without fail every holiday. As a family we almost expected it to happen. We all held our breath and said a silent prayer.

It became a family joke.

I guess you would call it gallows humour.

Although in reality, it wasn’t amusing. It was stressful.

Without a doubt, it wasn’t the best way to start a holiday.

We expect things to work, don’t we?

In business, this type of failure costs time and money. I recently received many calls because of a major system failure at a well-known accountancy software business.

It’s a huge shock when a business like this fails and fails big.

I guess that’s what got me thinking of the old Vauxhall Cavalier.

I took calls from disappointed accountancy businesses up and down the UK last week.

The system failure was costing them thousands of pounds each day it was down. They wanted to understand why HDUK’s hosted application was operational and theirs wasn’t.

It didn’t make sense to them.

I explained how our platform is super resilient.

Without getting too technical we have systems that spring into action to protect your business.

Your employees are completely unaware of failures and continue performing tasks.

Bottom line HDUK’s solution keeps you operational.

So don’t be stuck in that old Vauxhall.

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade?

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