What is a remote desktop and what are the benefits for your business if you have staff working flexibly? - HDUK

Finding the best approach to IT is a priority for all organisations, not least for non-profits and SMEs.

Remote desktop is one of the most integral features by far.

Remote desktop is probably a term that you’ve heard of in the past. Now is the time to open your eyes to the benefits it can bring to your business. Here’s all you need to know.

What is remote desktop?

Remote desktop is a software or operating system feature that allows another user to control a computer (or tech gadget) from another location. It is something that has been used in offices and business settings for decades. IT administrators use it to access employee systems from the comfort of the IT department. In recent years, outsourced IT has enabled experts to use remote desktop from anywhere in the world thanks to the cloud.


Studies show that half of all businesses expect to increase their spend on remote desktop software as a direct upshot of the Covid pandemic. Having professional support through hosted desktop facilities instantly removes fears surrounding work-from-home schemes. These may continue to be enforced as workers isolate on NHS suggestions. 


The fundamental feature of the feature is that the server (outsourced IT expert) can capture the mouse and keyboard input data from the local client (the employee) while also taking control of those features if needed. The client/server model works opens the door to a range of new possibilities, which can ultimately deliver improvements for the company as well as its workers and clients.



The many benefits of remote desktop for businesses

First and foremost, remote desktop allows an IT expert or administrator to treat IT issues with immediate results rather than travelling to the local client computer. This could mean solving an issue with the hardware, software, or simply showing the user what to do. Either way, a large percentage of the £80bn wasted by UK businesses through ineffective time usage can be linked to computers. Remote desktop helps combat this issue.


Remote desktop also delivers a range of other benefits, including but not limited to;

Increased safety and security

hosted desktop ensures that a team of IT experts is always monitoring the situation of all computers by utilising the latest and greatest cybersecurity features. This can protect on-site computers, as well as remote employees and workers that use the Bring Your Own Device scheme. 

As well as preventing ransomware, theft or forced downtime, it preserves your reputation and provides a better service for clients – particularly as a growing percentage of interactions are handled online.


Reduced costs

Using remote desktop in the modern method of hosted desktop saves the need for an on-site IT team, as well as the hardware. You simply pay for the outsourced IT services, which will include remote desktop along with an array of other key features. 

The direct savings can be as much as 50% while you’ll also see a direct reduction of energy bills. When supported by other money-saving ideas like software agreements, the business stands to save a small fortune.



As the pandemic has shown, versatility is a key ingredient in the recipe for modern business success. Remote desktop facilitates the aforementioned BYOD and WFH schemes. You can also easily add or remove IT support as and when required. It can have a hugely positive impact during this current time of uncertainty.

Backups, restorations, and other features add to the flexibility. IT experts can also implement changes during ‘out of office’ hours as long as the employees provide access to the computers. It also means workers can focus on their actual assignments.


To find out more about remote desktop and the benefits of outsourced IT for modern businesses, call HDUK’s team of experienced, friendly, and highly professional experts now!


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