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Nobody likes losing things!


It drives us mad, do you know which item we lose the most? Keep reading and I will tell you at the end. We spend five minutes on average looking for lost items before we give up and find something else we thought we had lost! We tend to lose things because we’re tired, distracted or too busy. This happens not only in our personal life but also in our busy businesses. When it comes to your business, the threat of losing your data can keep you awake at night. Your clients trust you with both their personal and business information. This is very sensitive information.


Have you heard the phrase Ransomware?


It’s always on the news. Another big corporate business has been hacked and lost all its customer’s data. A large fine for the corporate business follows.




Ransomware is also attacking smaller businesses like yours.


Small businesses like yours are at risk. Year on year the figures increase and it’s not going to go away. These crimes are no longer reserved for multi-million-pound organisations. Cyber attacks on small businesses can prove to be costly.


It will hurt your bank balance.


Years of hard work building a fantastic reputation will be destroyed in an instant. Ransomware is a particularly nasty crime because so many of us are now home-working. Away from the office with no fire-wall, people become easy prey to cybercriminals.


The pandemic and technology have changed working practices. We’re now more flexible and comfortable working from remote locations. Our research at HDUK shows that in the financial and legal sectors remote working via hosted solutions has increased. The good news is that productivity has increased. People are getting to grips with their work-life balance.

A busy remote worker (on autopilot) opens a genuine looking attachment and the criminals are in.


It enables cybercriminals to then steal all your business data. Client information, your financial information and staff details can all be extracted. The criminals then ask for a ransom (sum of money) hence the name Ransomware. If you don’t pay the criminals can block any access to your I.T systems. Cybercriminals don’t need to be an I.T. expert it’s very easy for them to get all the tools they need from the dark web. Please take a minute to read the results of a GOV.UK survey published in 2020, it’s not pleasant reading though. The big takeaway is the financial demands are painful and can break a business. It is far less expensive and far easier to avoid being a victim in the first place. Their playbook is to steal your high-value data for financial gain and at HDUK we aim to stop them.


At HDUK we work with legal businesses. We deliver protection and ensure safety.


So you can get on with running your practice. HDUK can end the threat of Ransomware so you don’t lose what’s important to you. We make it easy and affordable to combat the cyber dangers giving you a competitive edge. At the beginning of this I asked you what our most lost items were and without further ado here is the top five:


  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • Remore Control
  • Glasses


To discover how your practice can become more dynamic and secure  call our friendly team today on 01883 582038 or via online chat on our website.

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