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As we move further into the digital age, IT is becoming increasingly integral to modern businesses. The benefits of these advancements are numerous, but – unfortunately – the technology required to manage these IT systems is becoming more complex. Cyber security. Cloud hosting. Data backups. The list goes on. 

The additional workforce, specialist knowledge and management required can be a constant headache. Fortunately, it’s a headache you can choose to pass on. 

Read on to explore the benefits of outsourcing your IT systems with remote managed services.

The challenges of internal IT

Long gone are the days where computers and a basic operating system would suffice as IT infrastructure. Modern businesses need storage, back-up, disaster recovery and virus protection as a minimum. They also need technology that supports the right software and tools for day-to-day tasks.

That’s not even considering remote working, which has countless benefits including a better work-life balance and improved staff retention. Aside from the spike in remote working during social distancing, the number of remote workers has almost doubled over the past decade. Put simply, it’s something companies will need to keep up with moving forward, but again poses its own challenges. 

All of that is required for tens, hundreds or even thousands of users, the number of which can rise and fall over time. Needless to say, managing this in-house is no mean feat. As well as the infrastructure and associated costs, companies need a sizeable IT department to support their entire workforce and maintain said infrastructure.

Even in doing so, there are questions of quality and scalability. Are you really getting the best services and support from an overstretched internal team? How quickly can you adapt to a rise or fall in user numbers? Fortunately, there is a solution – outsourcing your IT with remote managed services.

What are remote managed services?

Remote managed services (RMS) is a way of outsourcing your company’s IT management without any compromise on service levels. Quite the opposite, in fact. With HDUK, you get a dedicated, specialist team that’s on hand whenever you need them – and whatever you need them for.

That starts with first line support for all end-users. Your entire workforce can get expert IT support from qualified specialists, no matter how big or small the problem. Whether it’s a problem sending emails, issues connecting to the printer or just a forgotten password, your staff can get the help they need without any delay or added burden for your IT department.

But that’s not all. Whether it’s setting up network printers and scanners or monitoring service levels from your internet providers, HDUK is a one-stop shop for all your IT requirements. Whatever you need to empower your workforce, RMS can be tailored to your company to make it happen.

Crucially, the remote services from HDUK includes state-of-the-art security. Your entire IT system will be protected from external threats like hacking and malware with no huge upfront costs for your business. Internally, we also covers the set-up of new users and secure decommissioning of anyone who leaves, as well as the administration of user permissions and authorisations.

The benefits of remote managed services

The main difference between outsourcing and conventional IT support is that HDUK looks after the user, not just the computer. Whatever your company needs, or your staff need to work to their full potential, HDUK covers it. With that comes a range of key benefits…

Reduced burden

Enlisting in virtual managed services gives you all the support you need without any added burden for your IT department. That leaves your existing IT team free to work on larger projects that could generate income for your business.

Better support

With so many different aspects of IT management, it’s almost impossible for an internal IT team to cover all the different areas of expertise. By outsourcing to an IT specialist, you get the best support across the board. From security to remote technology, you’ll have the experts on your side.


Outsourcing your IT also means you get a team that’s dedicated to supporting you. Rather than balancing different responsibilities like an internal IT team, your support team is on hand whenever you need them.

That also gives you a single point of contact for any issues, reducing any potential confusion or delays for you and your team.


With a set cost per user per month, our remote managed service offering is cheaper than employing a dedicated team onsite. That set fee also means no surprise bills and is completely scalable based on the number of users. In other words, you’ll never be paying extra for capacity that you don’t need and never waiting for the capacity to add new users.


Using a remote service, you’re much better placed to support any of your team working remotely. With services that are remote by default, employees get the same high level of support wherever they’re working, whether it’s at the office, at home or on the go.

That covers any device too, so there is no security risk or detriment to productivity when employees use their own device. Put simply, your company can reap the rewards of remote working without the cost and hassle of setting it up.

Up to date

Whether it’s software or security, your IT systems need constant updates to keep things running smoothly. That includes continuous back-ups to make sure your data is protected at all times.

With our RMS offering, that’s completely taken care of, so your staff can do what they do best with no interruptions or delays. This can be particularly valuable in terms of security, as it means your system stays watertight against the ever-changing risk of cyber-threats.


Above all else, managed IT services is reliable. In a world where most businesses rely on IT day-to-day and year-to-year, you make sure your IT systems are dependable, secure and working at their best.

Is outsourcing IT right for my company?

The benefits of remote managed services are clear. However, many IT managers or business owners still question whether it’s the right solution for their company. 

In truth, it’s a great option for all businesses regardless of size or sector. Because managed services are completely scalable and bespoke to your requirements, there’s no such thing as too big, too small or too complex.

If you want to find out more about remote managed services, don’t hesitate to contact the team at HD UK. As a dedicated RMS provider, we can provide fast, reliable, secure services that help your business thrive. Call us on 020 3239 6181 for a no-obligation chat.

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