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A Cautionary Tale For Business Leaders.

It’s an interesting expression, isn’t it? The grass is always greener on the other side. We all experience it. I do. If I’m on the motorway stuck in traffic I’m always in the slowest moving lane. It’s the same at the supermarket. I’m always in the queue with slow-moving elderly people fumbling with coins. On either side of me, people are whizzing through.

Take a deep calming breath and relax.

It’s a human condition, some of us are never satisfied. We always think others have it better. They have made better choices.

They have a better job, a better business. In reality, their situation may not be as good as it seems.


They call it FOMO.

Fear Of Missing Out. We imagine it’s greener. We can get bored and sometimes we don’t value stability and security. Our minds can fantasise about what might be. We make the change and for a short while we experience a honeymoon period. Once this wears off, we realise we haven’t gone forward, but sideways or sometimes backwards.


At HDUK we want to be perfect. We know that we aren’t always, we’re human like you. We make mistakes.


We recognise it, learn from it and try to be better next time. We demand excellence because that’s what you need. Although we have been working with businesses like yours for over ten years. We’re still learning and improving and always will. It’s normal in business to lose some customers over time, we don’t like it, of course, it feels personal. We do understand though. Over the last year, we have had some firms leave us. That’s quite normal, I’m sure it happens in your business. Yet, this time something very different happened.



Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

Here is the list of the things they told us: They hadn’t realised how small the company they had moved to was. A lot of the competition for HDUK are very small businesses. This type of small business is very good at looking after very small firms. Firms that are never going to grow with one or two people. They’re not great at managing larger firms like yours. The salesperson had told them that the grass would be greener, it wasn’t. They had made big promises and under-delivered. Service was sub-standard. It had generally been an atrocious experience and they wanted to escape.


The aim of this blog is not to stop firms like yours from looking elsewhere, that would be silly. We do want you to consider what the risks are.


Check the size of the business in the company’s house. Do a Google Map search on their offices. Do they have any CCJs or outstanding debts? Check on LinkedIn how many people work in the business. This research will help you make an informed decision.

We have over fifty staff across the U.K. supporting and developing services for you. HDUK’s job is to make sure the grass is greener on your side, we want to help you level up with us. Is the grass greener. Well no, but sometimes it looks like it might be.


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