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One thing we’ve heard consistently from our clients and in the media over the course of lockdown, is how crucial company culture is to remote working success. This recent article from Financial Times advises that creating a strong company culture should be the number one priority for a remote working workforce in the new normal in which we find ourselves. With some companies prior to lockdown offering their employees beers on a Friday or lunchtime fitness sessions with a personal trainer, these culture conscious companies have been challenged to adapt in the current climate.

So how can a business build a company culture remotely? Here are our top 5 tips.

  1. Determine your company values as a team

Creating new or a refreshed draft of your existing company values is a great opportunity to remind your team of your company’s vision and ethos, and engage with them on their experiences of working within your company – perhaps through a survey or open forum. It could be an opportunity for change and improvement, in turn improving staff retention rates and employer reputation, meaning you then attract the top talent.

  1. Virtual socials

Whether 4pm drinks on a Friday or a team quiz, a regular team social over Zoom or Microsoft Teams is a great way of engaging with your team and touching base regularly, outside of the usual professional work chat. Providing drinks is a great way to get the conversation flowing (as we know, alcohol is a social lubricant) – why not combine the two and have a gin tasting evening and send samples to your team members.

  1. Health and wellbeing

Working from home presents its own challenges in terms of maintaining both physical and mental health and wellbeing, and companies are increasingly acknowledging their responsibility to ensure that they are doing what they can for their employees. Whether it’s online yoga classes, therapy sessions or healthy cooking classes – making provision to look after your team’s wellbeing will pay off in many ways, not least through improved health, resulting in fewer sickness days.

  1. Visible leadership

Prior to lockdown, your team would have seen and interacted with senior leaders on a regular if not daily basis. If you are wanting to forge relationships, set a good example of conduct and unite your staff behind your cause, then there’s no real replacement for personal interactions. Consider how they can be done virtually instead – perhaps via regular one-to-ones or group video calls.

  1. Treats and tokens of appreciation

While you’re all working hard to make your business a success in the current climate, time can slip by without recognising the contribution of your team. Small gestures (alongside a comprehensive cultural strategy, of course) can go a long way. Baked treats from a local bakery delivered to their door, or the aforementioned Friday beer ritual – now taking place at their homes instead. This poses a logistical challenge for the treat supply companies, but for you it is simply a case of placing the order when you want to show your appreciation. It doesn’t have to wait until a birthday or work anniversary, a small gift to show your gratitude can mean a lot.

HDUK has been helping businesses to adopt the cloud and remote working for over 10 years. We’d love to talk to you about how to not only thrive, but flourish with remote working. Call our friendly team today to discuss your remote working requirements on 01883 582359.

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