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Taking the leap from physical servers to the cloud can be a daunting prospect. As well as the compliance and legal risks and concerns about the loss of control, there is also the question of security. Security remains a key issue for cloud customers, despite continued rapid adoption of cloud computing. 75% of cybersecurity professionals confirm they are very concerned about public cloud security (Source: Checkpoint).

HDUK takes security seriously. Here are 6 key concerns about cloud computing security, and how HDUK addresses them.

Reliability – All of our client’s data is stored in ‘The Bunker’ within the UK, they operate two of the most secure data centres in Europe. In the unlikely event of a data centre failure, we have systems in place to guarantee your data is safeguarded and that there is minimal interruption to your business.

Availability – Providing highly available services in cloud computing is essential for maintaining customer confidence and satisfaction and preventing revenue losses. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides a guaranteed minimum of 99.9% availability, with service credits available if this is not met.

Performance – Hosted desktop enables you to access your IT data and applications at any time from anywhere with an Internet enabled device and Internet connection. We find that typically a 1Mbps connection per 10-20 users will provide a good level of speed and performance. Our clients often find that our hosted desktop environment is faster than their old system due to the fact that we use enterprise grade, high performance servers and industry leading Nimble storage arrays.

Backup and Replication – At HDUK, our backup system gives you peace of mind that your business-critical data is protected and your business will not have to suffer the catastrophic consequences of data loss in the event of a major disaster. All data is backed up and then replicated (copied) to our secondary data centre once every hour.

Migration – You might be concerned about the possible disruption and security implications the migration process might cause in terms of both the physical movement of applications and data and, the likely need to retrain staff in the new method of working. We appreciate the need to keep clients fully informed at all times during the migration process so, when you sign up to HDUK’s hosted services, we appoint your very own migration manager who will liaise with you to ensure the smooth transfer of your applications and data to our systems. The process in the main happens over the course of one week, with the main transfer of data normally taking place over a weekend to minimise any disruption.

Support – Moving your applications and data to a hosted environment with HDUK will relieve you and your staff of many of the day to day trials and tribulations associated with maintaining an in-house system. One of the main benefits to your business of a hosting solution is the support that comes as standard. Many of the issues associated with in-house systems, including security concerns, will be handled by our support team and are included in the fixed monthly fee.

Find out more about Cloud computing with HDUK here.

Still have some concerns about Cloud computing security? We can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 01883 333155, or via our online chat on our website.

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