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It’s the start of a new year, in the new normal – lockdown may not have been everyone’s dream way to kick off 2021, but there are opportunities to be grasped in this new remote working landscape in which we find ourselves.

The increased flexibility and improved work/life balance that remote working offered businesses and employees in 2020 cannot be denied, with 52% of employees enjoying a better work/life balance after home working had been introduced.

But how can we ensure we are working at peak performance out of the office environment? Here at HDUK, we have learnt a few tricks over the past year that have helped us with our productivity whilst working from home – so here are our top 5 ways to improve your work performance in 2021.

Set Goals

Defining milestones in both our personal and professional lives has clear benefits; goals keep us focussed and help us to achieve our long term objectives. Take time to write out your objectives, and then break them down in to stages, or goals. Set deadlines against these and you’ll have a clear path forward. Be kind to yourself and make them achievable – Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Eat the Frog

… also known as do the job you don’t want to do first! Coined by Mark Twain, ‘eat the frog’ refers to starting your day by tackling the job you are most likely to procrastinate over first, leaving your mind clear to focus on the rest of your tasks without the nagging worry of the job you don’t want to do, but know you should be doing!

Develop a Routine

The temptation when working from home can be to spend the hour you’ve saved on the commute in bed, and then work in your tracksuit bottoms. It is important to get up and dressed as you would for work, and keep to a routine to be at your most productive – and we are big fans of a walk before work to clear your head, and plan for the coming day.

Take Care of Yourself

It can be easy to feel pressure to overwork while working from home, out of a concern to show our productivity. But actually, slowing down and taking regular breaks can help you recharge and focus, making you more productive. Get up regularly and move around, make sure you’re getting outside for fresh air and exercise, and make sure you’re eating a healthy diet. Set a cut off time at the end of the day, and disconnect at that time – this is critical for maintaining a good work-life balance when working remotely.

Use the Right Tools

When working remotely, you want the experience to be as seamless as if you were in the office. Having access to all your programmes and files when you need them is critical, as well as being in easy reach of your team to collaborate and problem solve.

Here at HDUK, we have the cloud knowledge and services to ensure that remote working works for you, with the right fit for your requirements.


Are you ready to supercharge your remote working capabilities in 2021? Call our friendly team today on 01883 333155, email contact@hduk.co.uk or contact us via our online chat on our website to discuss your requirements.

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