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Cloud computing is growing in popularity, not least because of the Covid-19 lockdown, as many businesses learn of the benefits to be gained from switching from a traditional IT infrastructure to a cloud based solution. Accountants are no exception and at HDUK, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of firms migrating to the cloud with us over the last year.

What is the Cloud?

Put simply, the cloud is a buzzword for the Internet. Cloud computing refers to web services and applications that are provided from the Internet, stored on the Internet and accessed via any Internet enabled device – from anywhere, at any time.

Hosted desktop, a cloud based service, is where a provider stores software applications and data on their own servers and makes the required services available to their clients over the Internet.

The experience of using a hosted desktop is identical to that of a desktop PC – it looks, feels and behaves exactly the same.

What are the Benefits?

There are myriad benefits to using a hosted desktop solution. Our accountancy clients highlight the following as the top three:

  1. Cost Savings: With no need for expensive IT hardware, anti-virus software, licence renewals and external IT support savings of up to 50% over a three-year period can easily be achieved.

Using a hosted desktop can also save on electricity bills – an estimated £94 per annum on electricity per server, and £60 per annum on electricity by replacing a PC with a Thin Client.

  1. Smarter Working: A hosted desktop enables you to access your IT data and applications from anywhere at any time with an Internet enabled device and Internet connection.

You can also combine the IT infrastructure of multiple offices and enable your staff to work remotely.

  1. Data Security: With all your data hosted offsite it is safe from critical incidents that could affect your office premises such as fire, theft, flood damage, natural disasters, hacking and system failure.

There is also no risk of data being stolen on a portable device such as a laptop. Reputable cloud providers will store your data in high security data centres and use SSL encryption to protect your data.

Any accountancy firm looking to improve the efficiency and profitability of its practice should consider cloud computing. It really is a superior alternative to the traditional IT infrastructure.

If you would like to find out more about how cloud technology can give your business the flexibility it needs to excel, contact us today on 01883 582359 or email contact@hduk.co.uk for a free cloud strategy review.

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