Partners - HDUK
Nimble Storage
Sector: Data Storage Arrays
Users: Multiple
Offices: Worldwide
Moving to Nimble was one of the smartest IT moves we’ve made, it provides better performance, efficient data protection, and the ability to do SAN to SAN replication — it’s the easiest storage platform I have ever managed.
The Bunker
Sector: Data Centre
Users: Multiple
Offices: 2
We take security seriously and so does The Bunker. Our primary reason for selecting The Bunker was its secure location
Sector: Franchise
Users: 500+
Offices: 240+
AIMS is delighted to recommend Hosted Desktop UK to its members as our preferred provider of cloud-based solutions. We chose to endorse HDUK because of the added value available to our clients in terms of cost but also the strength of their reputation in the industry.
Virtual Cabinet
Sector: Software
Users: 200+
Offices: 20+
Virtual Cabinet specialise in providing inexpensive Document Mgt & Portal solutions. With over 2,500 installations they have the experience to help practices go paperless. Virtual Cabinet includes a fully integrated document portal, providing secure client doc publishing and audited client sign off for tax returns.
Solutions for Accounting
Sector: Software
Users: 23
Offices: 23
The biggest benefit of partnering Hosted Desktop UK is that we are able to offer SAGE as a hosted software. This means that if we are helping our clients with book keeping, we can both log in and work on the same document in real time from anywhere with an internet connection.
That’s Rights
Sector: Software
Users: 8
Offices: 4
They are also very responsive – whether it is in traditional working hours or at a weekend, we can always get the support we need which is very reassuring given that my clients can be in different time zones.
HDUK and its people

Behind the technology and security that customers have come to know and trust with HDUK, it's our people that make the real difference. We take great pride in offering dedicated IT support for our customers by investing in specialists, that are experts in the tools you use every day. Our team are very important to us and we know that you feel the same way about your employees. It's why we put people at the heart of our business.

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What Makes HDUK Number One

We are dedicated to providing reliable, secure, industry-leading IT solutions to elevate your business and maximise your potential. Working remotely has never been so important, so join the 7,500 users who already trust HDUK with their hosted services.

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